To me, the frameless door is the epitome of modern minimalism. I love this detail so when I had the chance, I made it a part of my design. I tried a couple different ways to make this detail but I have to admit the best way (if you have the money) is to buy EasyJambs, they’re a co. out of New Zealand I believe.

But if you’re like me, you scrimp where you can and save a buck. So I ended up trying this two separate way but am ultimately in favor of the second try. First I routed out the outside edge of the door and attached metal flat strap which I then screwed to the wall stud. This didn’t work as smoothly or as quickly as try number 2. On a large 3’0x8’0 entry door I decided to frame it tight to the door frame for a tight fit. Then, I planed an angle off the front edge of the door frame to allow for mesh tape and some wall float.

While installing the door I shimmed and screwed every 6″ or so so get an extremely solid hold. I then filled the gaps with bondo and meshed tape over the top of this. Finally floating the remaining into the wall and painting.


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