Racking wine

This house had a very deep louvered door cabinet in the dining room that didn’t match the existing mid-century style. I thought it would be a great location for a wine bar/cabinet.

I used a combination of walnut and MDF to make the rack. I first framed shelves on both walls that I could then wrap in the walnut and mdf. I first holed sawed the walnut to allow for a typical sized bottle so as not to have too large a hole. I can’t fit the large bottles but that is what the wine refrigerator below is for. In order for the bottles to be held and cradled nicely, I used 3″ ABS plumbing pipe that I cut into quarters. I then screwed these pieces down to the shelves.

After detailng, sealing and painting, I worked on the cabinet portion. It was very challenging to find a nice, clean wine frig for under $800-$1000 that was a built in. Therefore, I had the idea of venting through the back of the cabinet thus allowing me to purchase a much more affordable stand alone unit but that basically looks built-in. I wanted a cabinet that would match in height and width, but without having something custom made, I found an IKEA cabinet that was equal width as the refri but taller. I was able modify the cabinet height to get a height equal to the frig and after some detailing and paint, it was complete.


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