Coaster table

I like the idea of moveable furniture and being able to move things around and make different combinations. I got the idea for this table from a picture I saw of a bunch of little squares in a cluster, kind of like puzzle pieces. I thought I could make the squares the size of coasters, minimal but still very usable.

I used 1x redwood and birch to make this table. For an easy project, you could use 6×6, cut them to size and attach 1x tops in a contrasted wood. However, i loketo make life complicated and I really liked the variation in grain on the redwood 1x I found. I ripped down 45′ angles both sides on (8) 8′ boards. Then I glued, pinned and cut them down to size.

I played with the configuration a bit to get a pattern I liked. Finally I glued and pinned the cubes together to make three seperate and unique pieces. I’m not a huge fan of clear stained redwood so I stained it walnut which is my favorite of the species.

Some people suggest I put glass on top, but to me I really like the idea of it being floating coasters and I think it would ruin the look with glass.


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One Response to Coaster table

  1. Justin says:

    Still think glass would be ok.

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