Modern Venetian

To me, when I think of Venetian plaster, I think of all the Tuscan themed homes with plaster walls of taupe and red. So it took a little research to find out that the finish I was looking for to achieve that smooth wall, semi polished , suedy/marbly look is in fact Venetian plaster.

Once you get to the point where the walls are smooth, you have to select a paint primer color. I wanted a light grey finsh so I chose a color a few shades
darker than my plaster. I used Modern Mastern plaster. The color is not nearly as easy to match as paint so you have to be patient.

Once I was ready to plaster, I applied to coats. First I troweled on a smooth coat at 4×4 sections, then burnished it with my trowel. The burnishing made a lot of lines which I liked but to soften it up and create more variation, I towelled on a second coat which softened it up and gave it a more suede look.

I like the smooth satin sheen finish the plaster creates, but for more sheen I was told you can use clear liquid car polish.


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