The ‘Ihopeyoudon’thavealotofmagazines Rack’

I think this rack says one thing….I don’t like clutter, things on top of things on top of things, stuff. So I made this magazine rack and figured if I have more than I can fit in here and what is in the bathroom, its time for recycling.

The rack is made from an old speaker box. My friend was gonna toss it so I decided to make something out of it. It’s made of walnut with very simple butt joints. I kind of like the look of the basic construction and you can’t go wrong with walnut. Probably my simplest project, I had to cut down the one side for a good height, cut a rectangle out of one face, then reuse the end cutoff for my shelf.  Then finish it with some sanding. No purchases necessary, outside of some polyurethane for a nice durable finish. its also doubles as an end table for the side of the couch.


About theprojectmodern

love working on modern projects
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