A tribute to Noguchi

I wish I could say I designed this one. It is one of my favorite designs but I have never seen it in Zebra wood, so with much calculation and time, I made my own. I would definitely not recommend this project unless you are ready to spend some serious time on the table, but it sure is worth it if you are ready to sacrifice some free time.

The spindles are stainess steel 3/16” and they are a nightmare to figure out. The weave is quite a complex design. I had a few pictures to go off of to try to determine how they are arranged but maybe there is a ‘how to’ on this one that could really detail how it was built.

The top turned out beautiful and I really love it. It is made of 5 pieces of zebrawood glued to a mdf base below. I would have to say that the one upset of this project is the spindles. The spindles were epoxied to the mdf bases, however they did not attached as well as I hoped. I understand why the original is done with cast iron. Ah well, you can’t win them all. The end product is great but I still need to rework the spindles.


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