This is a side table/coffee table (2-3) that I have been working on.  I got the inspiration from a finger print and thought it would make a cool looking table. I routed out the design by hand and the subtle imperfections of the human hand give it a very similar look to that of a finger print. I used a radius bit to give it a soft carved look.

The first couple rounds of the top I have done in a  smooth birch ply, but I think I will move to the final being in two woods: a solid maple and another in birch ply with a dark wood veneer. Below is a mock up of the legs in wood, but I am going to weld a few other designs in steel and see what looks best.

After playing with a few different plys, I have decided to go with a maple and walnut ply for a subtle and stark contrast. For legs, I welded 3/8″ thick steel rod to plate at 5 degrees. Being one of my first welding projects, this was fun, but once I set a jig up it wasn’t too bad. Good times with the mig welder.

I finished the tops with 3 coats of matte polyurethane.

The finish height is 20″. They make nice side tables or with 2-3 they would work for a coffee table as well.


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