Cubism for BoConcept

My latest project is a few different pieces I have designed for an attention grabbing display at the Santa Monica mall. The idea is to display a few of BoConcept’s iconic chairs in clear acrylic cubes that will be lit up from below. Since walnut is one of their main wood choices, I integrated it into the bases and catalog stand.

I built the frames out of 1×6 pine and created a light bay at the top that I painted white for maximum brightness. The boxes are 4’x4′ and the cube on top will also be 4’x4’x4′.

I then wrapped the boxes in 3/4 walnut ply. Walnut is definitely one of my favorite woods. If it was more affordable I think I would do the majority of my work in walnut. To promote the brand I have included a catalog stand that is simple and clean with matching walnut detail. I welded the base using 1/2″ steel plate, beefy so it provides a good support for the stack of catalogs above.

There was no power source when I installed the piece so it doesn’t show the illuminating bottom. Otherwise, I think they came together nicely and once they put the other chair in the cube I think it will be an attention grabbing display for BoConcept.


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love working on modern projects
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