I’ve been working with more steel lately and this is a deviation of the Coaster Table I have made in redwood and maple. I wanted to further the idea of floating coasters with a very minimal base. This table is made of 18 1/8″ 6″x6″ steel plates, welded together.

To really minimize the legs but not sacrifice strength, I chose 1/2″ tube steel in a 90 degree z  pattern. The table is surprisingly sturdy and I’m happy with the first pass at this design. Part of me wants to add some thing wood squares to the top to accent the piece, but I also like the sleakness of just the steel.

After detailing my welds and priming, I decided to add a walnut detail to the top. The wood is solid 1/2″ walnut cut in to 5 1/2″ squares. I think it softens up the raw metal look a bit.


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5 Responses to Floasta

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  2. RON says:

    doing some Welding…. MIG?

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