The pin-up is an idea I got from the desk top pin screen. I thought it would be nice to have a versatile hanging option where you could fit things of different sizes and when not in use, the pins could recess into the wall and go away.

I started out with a smaller mockup version to see how the pins would work. Once I had a scaled piece, I had an easier time trying to figure out how the pins were going to move freely in and out.

The first challenge came with trying to find the right size/type of dowels and forstner drill bit that would give enough room for movement but the least amount of play when extended out completely. I ended up with 1/2″ birch dowels and I attached washers to the ends to act as a stop.

After playing with a few different ideas on moving the dowels in and out, I decided to have a movable back board stop that is attached to one of dowel at each side. When the pins are pushed in, you just pull the two side pins and the pins come back out to full extension. I added rollers to the bottom of the back board stop so that it glides easily in and out.

The other challenge was the recessed feature. Walls with drywall or plaster are usually 4″ – 4 1/4″ deep and the stud bays are typically 14 1/2″ wide with most studs being installed 16″ on center. With these constraints in mind, I wanted to maximize the length of the pins while still having them become nearly flush when pushed in.

After some trial and error, I ended up with a thicker face plate of solid walnut and a 4″ dowel that provides a good hanging area for a lot of different things. I really like the recessed part of this piece, but I know for many cutting drywall or plaster is not an option. So I think I’ll end up making another surface mounted option. I want to try out a couple more things before I add this to the shop but it’s working good in the guest bedroom.


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