Diamond splinters

I was at the jeweler a few months back looking at rings. I’m pretty good at picking out stuff for Christina, but rings seem a little more difficult to pin down.
I get to pick out everything for our house so I kinda felt like this should really be something Christina should decide upon. That got me thinking about the wood ring, a sort of pre-engagement ring so I can still have the surprise of a ring but also let her decide the real engagement ring.

Chewbacca worked day and night on this little thing. He’s still a puppy but he’s got a good work ethic.

The ring is made of laminated maple and walnut with an engraved diamond on top. About 8 coats of oil and it was ready for the test.

I made a couple other rings in the process of trying to find what would look best with the diamond, so I gave those to her first as an anniversary present and to throw her off in case she had figured it out already

Simple maple

Maple and Walnut

She was surprised!!


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7 Responses to Diamond splinters

  1. Pete says:


  2. andiesposito says:

    Congratulations to you both! Al and I can’t wait to meet her!

  3. John & Marilyn says:

    Congrats! You got one fine Lady there… we think you ought to keep her.

    xoxo, John & Marilyn

  4. Chic says:


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