mmmm ribs…..

I’ve been working on the mickRib for sometime now. It’s crazy how much time you can put in to something so small and simple looking. I originally got the idea for this lamp from this circular shape I saw that had some random curves in its shape. After doodling for a couple months I decided on the scale and base and worked on my first template.

It took me some time to decide how to make the piece. I went back and forth between potentially bending, joining at the curves, and possibly making the interior all one solid piece. After a couple different trials, I eventually decided to make it with ply that was joined together but with small gaps between each piece to let the light out and accent the light in an interesting way.

Making identical replicas is a little tricky when there are so many curves in such a tight area with such thin material. My first attempts on the router table were a little sketchy with the bit wanting to grab the piece at certain points. After a few runs, I was able to make an initial mockup, but decided it would be best to find a better,safer way to make the next round. This is a pic of my dads hand. I told him about my experience so he came over to experience the sketchiness.

This is the setup I built to keep the routing a lot simpler and safer and it works great. I cut the ribs out, leaving an 1/8″ of meat, attach the piece to the 3/4″ template and place it in this jig.

The next challenge was to get the lighting fixture into the neck as clean and simple as possible. I decided to run it up the 1/4″ gap in the neck and relieve a small section on two opposing rib pieces for the head of the fixture.

Some finishing touches  to get the bulb and fixturing just right and she’s ready for a photo shoot.

I really like the lighting that this bulb gives off, it nicely accents the wood and gives ample light to the room without being too in your face and distracting.


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