It seems like at least once a week I can’t find my keys, or my wallet, or …, so I decided to make something in an attempt to resolve this little predicament. I’ve always disliked having all my on the go items just laying around, so having a wall mounted piece keeps things up, away and organized.

The Butler is made of solid walnut and several layers of baltic birch.

When not in use, the walnut slides closed and hides the charging wire within.

The backside of the walnut is routed out for the charging cord and a pocket is routed out of the backside to allow for the additional charging cord and extension cord head so that the piece can be mounted up high on the a wall possibly.


About theprojectmodern

love working on modern projects
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7 Responses to T H E B U T L E R

  1. stericdesign says:

    nice! i fully dig this…

  2. It is nice! Is there a Android phone version coming? :-)

  3. this was awesome! very nice work! W
    here can I buy one?

  4. I found it in the web shop now, but whats the price?

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