Los Angeles classroom/offices design project

I was looking back through my blog and realized I forgot to share a really fun interior design/furniture project I worked on last year for some very cool owners in Los Angeles. This project involved renovation of an adolescent treatment center in Los Angeles and I was able to bring on a friend of mine, Beachum Jones to help me design the space as well as make some of the functional pieces.

Here are a few pictures of the existing space. It felt like more of an office space than classroom,  so there was plenty of room for improvement. The main objective of the renovation was to give the kids a fun and light space to learn that offers versatility for group meetings that also take place here.






After a couple plan revisions, we were able to find an economical solution that I think really changed the flow of the space and offers a fun, youthful learning environment. Below are a few pictures of one of the classrooms.




I designed and built the caster tables and back art wall. I wanted to design a desk that could easily move for different exercises and group meetings that they have in the classes. I found these casters that I loved, so I designed steel legs that completemented their aesthetic and contrasted the white steel with a durable solid beech top. High school kids are notorious for demo so hard wood was a must. The art wall was inspired by plaid and designed to allow the kids an interactive display for their art class, including red clips from Home Depot to attach their weekly paintings.


I also designed and built a storage solution for their reception area. We integrated metal lockers into the classroom design, so I thought it would be great to include them in the design to create this sideboard, whose outer shell is made out of the same beech hardwood as the desks.

I was unfortunately unable to get pics of the finished offices and reception, but at least the above shows a little taste of the before and after of this project.


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2 Responses to Los Angeles classroom/offices design project

  1. sideboardsuk says:

    Waaaaaooooo Great :)

  2. rachel says:

    wow, that is an amazing transformation! great work!

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